Advanced non-destructive testing characterizes the possibility to save the records for later verification, analysis, archiving. The common feature is also more complete information about the object being tested, while overcoming the limitations of standard NDT methods.

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Digital radiography (DR) – A modern method of recording a radiograph in digital form. Among digital radiography systems, there are indirect and direct systems. Intermediate systems for image recording use a phosphor-coated memory plate, which saves the latent image, which is read later by a special scanner. Direct systems use a digital CCD or CMOS detector to record radiation. The image of the tested object is displayed on the computer screen imme... More


Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) is one of the most sensitive and most accurate techniques for non-destructive examination of welded joints. Usage of TOFD allows for a very precise dimensioning of length and depth of cracks and other internal discontinuities. Unlike other ultrasonic techniques TOFD is not susceptible to an inconvenient orientation of the defect. Instead ultrasonic signal amplitude TOFD uses signals from diffraction waves to ascertain the loca... More

Ultrasonic Phased Array technique PA

The Phased Array (PA) technique is an extension of the classical method of ultrasonic echo, which is used for testing of welds, castings or forgings.

The PA probe comprises of many small ultrasonic transducers in a row, from each of which can be controlled independently. By changing, for example, the awaken time of the transducers to send ultrasonic waves one by one, the angle of the resultant ultrasonic beam can be set. In other words, the ultrasonic beam can be electronica... More


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