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Recently, the clients whom the welding process takes place in the plant, can equip themselves with a powerful tool - weldinGo - that  improves the work of:

- the Production Manager,

- the Welding Engineer,

- Quality Control.

weldinGo provides information about the work progress, helps to find the place of the potential problems, makes managing all documents (welders' certificates, WPS, WPQR) easier, advises on the scope of approvals and quickly creates a clear post-execution documentation. 

I highly recommend contacting with weldinGo. They convince me mainly by:

- their experience on important projects,

- the fact, that they actually listen to the client,

- their flexibility and great responsiveness to the requests concerning new features for making weldinGo more suited to the specific requirements of the client. 


PS. We have also integrated weldinGo with our system dedicated to reporting and sharing results with clients - Ariadna. Now our systems exchange information about welds and research results.


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