NAVITEST provides services in the area of supervision of the production of welded constructions, conformity assessment of finished products and preparation of as-built documentation. We have qualified engineers and welding inspectors (IWE and IWI-C). They can carry out the tasks listed in the standard PN-EN ISO 14731 „Welding Supervision - Tasks and Responsibilities”. Supervision of welding is required by the standards PN-EN ISO 3834-2 and PN-EN 1090.

Service performed supervision of the project can be divided into tasks such as:

- verification of the subcontractors and their certificates,

- verification of materials and their certificates,

- verification of welders and their certificates,

- welding inspections during production,

- verification of records kept by the contractor,

- monitoring progres of works,

- checking of anti-corrosion works,

- conformity assessment of the finished product and preparing for shipment,

- completing as-built documentation.


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